A lovely weekend start to October.

I listened to General Conference with my family and enjoyed the talks.

Earlier in the week, I found really cute Halloween chips that I just had to have!

I put pumpkins on my porch.

This is going to be my month of decluttering.  David and I both spent some time on Sunday getting rid of stuff we no longer need. It felt great! More decluttering to follow! Remember, knitting gets rid of stash. Stash can be clutter. So, knitting equals decluttering!

I got some of the Halloween decorations out and will start distributing them throughout the house this week. This is one of my favorites. It’s just a block of wood, painted orange and stuff added to make it look pumpkin-ish. I was going to make some of my own, once, and even had my dad cut some large blocks of wood for me, but my usual laziness in the crafting area decreed this was never going to happen. I got rid of the wood years later.

Does dreaming about knitting dishcloths mean I’m spending too much time looking at all the cute dishcloth patterns out there? If I didn’t have a bit of Halloween knitting that I really want to do and a bunch of Christmas (eeeek – I said it) knitting to do I would spend all my time knitting as many of these dishcloths as I possibly could. I may even have to knit a few of the baby bibs to put into the Future Grandchildren stash.

David and I went on a lovely drive on Saturday up the canyon. The colors and scenery were beautiful. I didn’t take my camera so no pictures 🙁  I should go on another quickie drive up there to get some shots.

How can something look so cute, smell so fabulous and taste so awful?  Candy corn is a decoration at my house. Looks cute! Tastes nasty! Looks cute! Tastes nasty!

My camera currently won’t connect to my computer. Bleh. At least I can take the SD card out and pop it directly into my laptop, but what a pain.

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  1. I know someone who will take care of your candy corn problem (after Halloween) if you ask politely… 😉

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