I beaded, I felted, I conquered

I’ve been itching to make some Halloween stitch markers for several weeks now, ever since I went to Gardner Village with my dear friend, Marji. There is an adorable bead store up there that I would swear had some really cute Halloween beads. In another store up there I bought this really cute bracelet that I seem to remember was made out of some of those beads. I decided I wanted to make some stitch markers out of the same kinds of beads but didn’t get them while I was up there. It’s a bit of a drive for me so I thought, no biggie, I’ll just hop over to Robert’s Michael’s um, Jo-Ann’s, crap.. Hobby Lobby, holy cow seriously? No Halloween beads anywhere in these stores?

Yesterday, I put my foot down begged my daughter to go to Gardner Village with me but oh nooooo, she wanted to stay home and do homework.  How did I end up with a responsible child? Had I not been present at her birth I might have some serious questions about her origins. She did agree, bless her heart, to go to a local bead store here in Orem called The Bead Fairy. The cuteness! Beads were obtained. Stitch marker construction then commenced after dinner and cookies.

I became increasingly dissatisfied with my stitch marker efforts and quit, hoping that the beading fairies would come in the night and fix them. Hey, it worked with tole painting.


I took a look at my stitch markers this morning, make a few more and then decided that maybe they needed a little more time to marinate before I would really come to love them. While I was waiting, I made a bracelet out of the same beads and a few more that I have in my bead stash.


Many, many moons ago I knitted a Kitty Pi. I finally tossed it into the washer and felted it. So far no cats have deigned to hang out in it long enough for me to catch a picture, but I think 2 out of 3 of the cats have given it a try. I’ll post a picture when I manage to catch one of them in it.

I’ve started listening to podcasts! Wow, I feel like a real part of the Knitting Scene of the 20th Century. I have knitting ebooks, patterns that are only .pdf files and not taking up shelf space, and I hang out in Ravelry.  Currently I am listening to KnitPurlGurl. She has a few reviews during each podcast that I’ve liked listening to. I might be in danger of having her opening song stuck in my head.

While listening to the podcasts, I got a lot of  crocheting on this peachy colored blanket that I had intended to make for my sister when she had her second child. A boy arrived and I decided that this yarn wasn’t for a boy so I put it aside. This blanket will now go in the For Future Grandchildren Box.  One more skein of yarn on this puppy and I’m done 🙂 This is made from Lion Brand Homespun Baby. I don’t remember the color name, I bought it years ago and the ball bands are long gone. It’s a plain granny square made with a size I hook. It goes really fast and I’m hoping to finish it tonight.