Thank you, Aunt Purl

Earlier in the year I had decided that I really had to take up one or more of my hobbies again and I chose cross stitching. I cross stitched like a mad woman. It was something I taught myself to do in my early 20’s and loved it. I still do. It’s recreating a beautiful painting with thread. It comes as no surprise to me that some of my favorite designers are painters. I didn’t finish anything but I got good amounts done on a couple of really large projects.

Knitting was another thing I had taught myself in my early 20’s. I already knew how to crochet and figured that it couldn’t be much more difficult. It wasn’t but I really wish I’d had the resources then that I have now. The internet is full of wonderful videos on how to do things. It’s so much easier to watch someone doing something than try to look at a series of pictures. Years later I had taken some classes, really loved them, learned so much more and met nice people that I wish I was still in touch with. I didn’t make much time for knitting and only finished one pair of socks, one square on an afghan and most of a knitted Father Christmas.

Fast forward to June of this year, while I was really insanely happy for the first time in a long time I really needed something creative to do. I was enjoying my cross stitching until I ran across Crazy Aunt Purl’s blog and it sparked a desire in me to take up knitting again.  It’s gotten to the point where I. Must. Knit.  It soothes me. It keeps my hands busy and my mind quiet. I long ago discovered that I can concentrate better on things being said if my hands are busy. Now, if I could just get that to somehow work when I’m trying to fall asleep, that would be great. I’ve knitted scarves and hats and fingerless mitts and a cat bed. Me! Finishing things! Knitting, along with cross stitch and crochet, satisfied this creative urge inside.  I’m obsessed. Crazy Aunt Purl (she’s awesome, you should check out her blog, start at the beginning) described how knitting seemed to soothe the inner demons.  Heaven knows that I had plenty of soothing that still needed to be done. I had (have) all these little inner demons left over from my divorce along with other issues and her words really struck a chord with me. She so very eloquently wrote about all the things I was feeling and could never manage to express. While I was reading her early posts I was constantly sending bits of them in emails to my best friends and saying “There! This! This is exactly how I felt!” and “Oh my gosh! I’m so glad I’m not the only person that has done/said that!”  Is it weird that I started her blog at the beginning? Starting with the current posts seemed like reading a series of books out of order, although I did eventually start reading the current ones while reading through the archives. She has an amazing way with words. As for the knitting portion of her books and blog, she has a wonderful way of explaining techniques. I knit the Kitty Pi that she linked on her blog along with many of the roll brim hats. (Again with the Me! Finishing Stuff!) And last but not least, you just can’t beat the cuteness of the pictures of her cats. Drunk, divorced and covered in cat fur, FTW!  Love you, Aunt Purl.