More Octoberness


On the 15th, we went to Witches Night Out in Gardner Village with Wendy, her DH and DDs. Our girls looked like this:

We saw great costumes like this:

This is Chynna getting hugged by the big skeleton.

And we braved this to get fudge at Sweet Aftons:

It was totally worth it.  We had a nice time, as always, at Witch’s Night Out even though it was a little odd to have the menfolk along. Maybe next year we can do it without them and have a real girl’s night out. There were tons of great costumes and every year I go I wish I had dressed up a little more. I keep vowing that I will either find or make a witch hat that fits and will stay on my head. We had a dinner of yummy soup and chili in fabulous bread bowls with scones for dessert. After getting fudge and caramel apples at the candy store I decided that I’d absorbed enough of the general splendor and went home. The place was crazy crowded and even though for the last few years Gardner Village advertised that this event should be for 18+ (there kid festivities during the day all during the month of October), we were dodging numerous stroller and little kids. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind little kids, especially all dressed up in their Halloween finery, but it really would have been nice to have a whole lot less of them around that evening. I wish more people had paid attention, just sayin’ .

I made more stitch markers with some beads that I found online at the Oriental Trading Company and added a few beads to the charm bracelet that I made. I’ve got a bit to learn about making charms and discovered that I need a slightly different type of fliers.


Chynna made some lovely looking nachos with those Halloween tortilla chips I found a while back.

Do not fear that this will turn into a cooking blog. I rarely cook 🙂