Doctor Who Scarf #2 (and other scarves) update

The yarn I was waiting for has arrived! I ordered a few more colors in Knit Picks Wool of the Andes (love, love them) that I wanted to check against the paint chips before I decided on the final colors for The Scarf.

I compared the new colors with the paint chips. I swapped out the Snickerdoodle for the Almond. That was an easy decision, I must have ordered the Snickerdoodle back when Almond was either discontinued or out of stock. I kept Caution instead of using Tumeric.  I decided on Amber Heather instead of Pumpkin. Everything was all arranged in a bin and off I went:

I spent some more time with the Harry Potter 3 scarf:

The alien head scarf hasn’t been photographed recently so here is an update:

I decided not to do the heads all the way down the scarf, I’ll just have two on each end.

And three more scarves that are currently on the needles, but not getting much attention at the moment:

I asked Ditch to choose a favorite. She said she’ll get back to me after several hours of careful consideration and thoughtful study.