Happy Birthday Sunshine

As of today, I have one less teenager in the house.

Happy Birthday to my little Chynna Sunshine who has grown to be a beautiful woman, full of talent. She loves birds. She’s a great artist. She makes friends wherever she goes.

She’s not afraid to try new things.  Like the time she wanted to dye her gorgeous red hair black in 2007. 


Or when she wanted to learn how to make her own Daft Punk helmet for an Anime Banzai convention. She got a lot of attention at the convention for it.


She is also incredibly kind, like when she drove several hours to come home during the Anime Banzai convention just to help a friend finish making her helmet so her friend could have all the fun attention, too. 

She also likes to wear the odd things I knit for her. It is so awesome to be her mother. Happy Birthday, Sunshine.