Could she be any cuter?

No, no she couldn’t. I thought that perhaps the knit Father Christmas deserved a post of its very own instead of being added to the bottom of Snow and Hats.

My kitty decided that SHE should have a post of her very own and very graciously allowed Herself to be photographed with the knit Father Christmas.

She is telling Father Christmas that she, as the resident Basement Kitteh, demands turkey slices for Christmas. She is not planning on letting him up (and into the box so I can mail him to Mom) until he agrees.

1 thought on “Could she be any cuter?

  1. That is the funniest thing! I have a Basement Kitteh that looks just like that, just without the collar. He can lose a collar in the bushes in about ten seconds, so we finally gave up buying new ones. He’s microchipped and always finds his way home for supper.

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