A busy week ahead.

Today, Mom and I took the girls to the mall to have a girls’ outing. Chynna found a really cute outfit at Macy’s and Mom and Danica got some goodies at the Clinique counter. I snagged the summer duffel bags that came free with their purchases as my treasure of the day. They’ll make really cute project bags.

We enjoyed a tasty lunch at Sweet Tomatoes where I may or may not have had some really good bread. And cornbread. And a brownie.

After we got home Chynna amused herself by playing with some of the local fauna.

Tomorrow we are going to take Chynna to visit a bird store that we enjoyed visiting many years before on a previous visit. We also have a trip to a different mall planned so Danica can see if a jacket that she took a liking to could be found in a different size. David is going to take his mom’s car in to get the bumper fixed. He put a dent in it when we visited Four Corners on the way down here.  Oops.

On Wednesday we are getting pictures of all the grand kids taken as a present for Mom and Dad.

On Thursday we plan on visiting the Space Museum, Museum of Natural History and/or an art museum. There should be something for everyone.

I’m so tired from just thinking about it that very little knitting happened today. I got a few rows done while watching The Bee Movie. I got a few giggles out of that flick but mostly it was really annoying. Butch, jock-like, male pollen gatherers? Seriously? As a bee lover, I’m trying really hard not to be offended.

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