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Hubby has picked up his mom’s car from the shop, it’s all fixed. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that we don’t do more damage to it before we get it back home to her. That was an expense that we really didn’t need. Sigh.

Thursday we headed out to a couple of Museums. At the Houston Museum of Natural Science we saw The Titanic and The Warriors, Tombs and Temples exhibits which were fabulous. I may or may not have gotten a little emotional during the Titanic exhibit. At the beginning of the tour you are handed a passenger ticket and at the end you find out if you were one of the survivors. The girls and I survived, Joshua and David did not.

At the other exhibit we saw some of the terracotta warriors, including this gentleman who was nice enough to pose for us. He looks great for his age:

Joshua and Chynna went on a little ride at the museum entrance. You get strapped into this round thing and then spun around in all different directions. There is no way in hell I would get into one of these. My father and husband agreed with me. Danica kinda wanted to try it but was feeling sick. That left only Chynna and Joshua to prove we weren’t an entire family of wusses. Here is Chynna at the beginning of her ride:

Afterwards we spent a small amount of time at the art museum, where Chynna, Joshua and I sat in some comfy chairs and waited for Danica, David and Dad to get their fill. I wouldn’t have minded seeing the art museum, but my feet had reached their limit and were cursing at me in several different languages. As I sat knitting a lady approached me and commented on my knitting and we chatted for a few minutes about different styles of knitting. While we were in line to get tickets for the first museum I saw a lady with a t-shirt that said “Hell yeah, I knit sweaters”. I just had to wander over and tell her how much I loved her shirt and showed her the partially knitted sock I had in my purse.  I wish I had taken a picture of her.

On Friday we got pictures taken of us along with my sister and her children. They turned out okay. My older nephew Adrian took great delight in trying to ruin the pictures by not smiling. He grinned like an idiot between shots and looked really nice but refused to smile otherwise. Whatever.  I picked shots that the rest of us looked good in. I’m going to hit a Hobby Lobby or Michaels today and get some frames and voila! 50th wedding anniversary present for my parents.

We took a few candid shots of our own while waiting for the proofs to be ready:

On the way back to Mom’s house we stopped by the Houston Temple and took a couple of pictures and got to chat briefly with a local missionary couple who were from Salt Lake.  This was taken at a fountain on the temple grounds. The place was so beautiful.



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  1. You know, I vaguely remember both you and Chynna getting on the spinny ball thing with me at Lagoon a few years back. Not so wussy as you would have us believe… 😉

  2. Ohhhh! I remember that one and we were talking about it while waiting in line. Isn’t that the one where the launched us waaaaaaay up in the air attached to a honkin’ huge rubber band?

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